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After Thursday’s momentous late-day decline, investors were on the edge of their seats. Off the opening of the premarket session, the bulls stepped up to the plate as the index never went red. 

The premarket rally faded to just under 4800 and bears mounted an attack. However, the 40-handle retreat never breached the premarket low, and bulls regained control. Heading into the final hour, the index was sporting modest gains, but the rally was not over.

In fact, the index went on to make a new high for the day in the final minutes and closed just under it. The late push can be attributed to the $2.2B buy imbalance for the close.

The end result was a gain of 47 handles at the closing price of 4796.75. That marks the second highest closing print of the recent move. 

Among the top components, NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ: NVDA) reversed its role from Wednesday and was the biggest winner of the top components. For the session, the issue added $8.79 or 1.8% at the closing price of $488.90.

That was double the cash index’s gain of 0.95%.

On the other end of the top components, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) was the lone, and therefore the biggest loser. For the day, the tech giant lost $0.15 or 0.08% at the closing price of $194.68.


The Closing Print With Dennis Dick