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Introduction to Professional Trading with PreMarket Prep

Learn strategies for long-term success in index arbitrage, risk-arbitrage, statistical-arbitrage, basket trading, and fine-tune your technical analysis skills. Join us for an introduction to professional trading with Joel Elconin, Rob Friesen, and Dennis Dick. Learn strategies for success, get stock odds and details on trading hours for stocks and futures. Start your journey on becoming a professional trader with tips and information from market veterans who are experts at navigating bull and bear markets.


Introduction – Introduce Traders and Agenda
Part 1 – How To Prepare For The Trading Day
  • How Joel prepares for his day
  • How Dennis prepares for his day
  • How Rob prepares for his day
Part 2 – Our Trading Processes, Explained
  • Joel: Technical Analysis Made Easy
  • Rob: Basket Trading
  • Dennis: Trading Off Relationships
Part 3 – Resources To Help Your Trading
  • Bright Trading
  • Benzinga Pro
  • StockOdds
Part 4 – Putting It All Together and Q&A
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Introduction To Professional Trading #2: Trading From Relationships

Join The Experts For An Introduction To Professional Trading #2: Trading From Relationships With PreMarket Prep’s Joel Elconin, Rob Friesen & Dennis Dick. Learn The Fundamentals About Relationships Trading, Advanced Trading Tactics, Risk Arbitrage & How Social Media Can Influence Trading.


  • Introduction of speakers and agenda
Joel Elconin (Technicals and Fundamentals for Q4)
  • Last quarter by the numbers
  • Interpreting macro headlines
  • Preview of Q4 technicals
Dennis Dick (Relationship Trading)
  • Pairs trading: Understanding classic pairs trading and fundamental relationships
  • Sympathy trading: Using the leaders to trade the laggards
Rob Friesen (Advanced Trading Tactics)
  • Going beyond with the predictors
  • How you can predict what will happen tomorrow
  • Hedging to create win-win scenarios
Joel Elconin (Technical Trading Levels)
  • Deriving your own trading levels
Dennis Dick (Risk Arbitrage and Social Media Influence)
  • Risk Arbitrage: Current M&A deals and how to profit from their spreads
  • Social Media and High Short Interest Stocks: The run-up, the bubble, and the burst
Rob Friesen (Execution Tactics)
  • Basket Trading
  • Choosing Markets
  • Utilizing ETFs
  • Variations on Entry/Exits
  • Scale Trading Edge with Portfolio
  • Crutch Trading Techniques
Q & A
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