Different name, different stock symbol, similar products and similar stock price is the best way to describe BBRY.  Since the symbol change, which occurred when the issue was at 13.02, the stock has catapulted to 17.22, but has now returned to this level.  With today’s attempt to break the major support at 13, the technical outlook for BBRY has further deteriorated.

In the short term, BBRY found support today at 12.56 and rebounded with the market to close at the magical 13 level.  If 13 can hold early in tomorrow’s session, the bulls can approach today’s action as a possible end to the correction from 18.22.  If not, and 12.56 is breached, BBRY may be heading back to single digits.

Here are the key support and resistance levels to focus on:



Significance Level Reason
13.76 *** Monday high
13.45 ** Tuesday high
13.26 *  
13.06 CLOSE  
12.81 *  
12.56 *** Tuesday low
12.40 *  
12.27 **  
12.15 **** January 31 low