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CFA Magazine Articles:

May/June 2014 Issue: In the Dark: The latest hype about HFT overlooks deeper problems.

Jan/Feb 2014 Issue: The Well-Tempered Circuit Breaker

May/Jun 2013 Issue:  Erroneous Trades and Mini-Flash Crash Events

Jan/Feb 2013 Issue:  An Ugly High Frequency Mess

Sep/Oct 2012 Issue: Always leave yourself outs

May/Jun 2012 Issue: Herding Apples. Can social media help us to avoid stampedes?

Mar/Apr 2012 Issue: The HFT Tractor Beam

Jan/Feb 2012 Issue: Short It and Forget It? Exploring the hidden costs of shorting stocks.

Sep/Oct 2011 Issue: Can the J-shaped liquidity curve write a prescription for price impact?

July/August 2011 Issue: Regulatory Call Risk in Trust Preferred Securities

Jan/Feb 2011 Issue: Staying a Step Ahead. Can prop traders survive high-frequency trading?

Sep/October 2010 Issue: CFA Magazine: Dennis Dick discusses the cause of the Flash Crash.

July/August 2010 Issue: The Tracks of My Tiers: Trading profitably in a two-tiered market structure.

May/June 2010 Issue: Will the Trade-At Rule Fix the Sub-pennying Problem?

Jan/Feb 2010 Issue: The Hidden Cost of “Sub-Pennying”

Premarketinfo Hosts in the Media:

July 2014:  TASC Magazine: Dennis Dick discusses trading adjustments in an HFT world

June 20, 2014: CNBC:  Fuel-cell stocks give traders a wild ride

May 28, 2014: Reuters: Shorting a dull market

May 27, 2014: Reuters: World equity indexes up on US data

Nov 12, 2013: Reuters: Wall Street Lower, led by energy and financials

Oct 31, 2013:  Reuters:  Wall Street Ends Session Lower

Oct 15, 2013:  WSJ:  Whipsaw Stock Market Has Traders Wary

Oct 11, 2013:  Reuters: Wall St Inches up on Bipartisan Talks

Sep 30, 2013:  Forbes: HFT – Is it a Dark Force Against Human Traders?

Aug 22, 2013:  FoxBusiness: Cold Hard Truth: Flash freeze shows increasing complexity

Aug 22, 2013:  FoxBusiness: Flash Freeze on Wall Street

Aug 22, 2013:  CNNMoney:  Trading glitches a sad new market reality

Aug 21, 2013:  CNNMoney:  Goldman Sachs: Minimal impact from glitch

Aug 19, 2013:  Reuters: US program to curb stock price swings triggered frequently

July 31, 2013:  Traders Magazine:  How wider spreads might not help small-cap stocks

July 22, 2013:  Reuters: Uranium Company Blasts into Stratosphere

July 18, 2013:  CNNMoney:  Favorite stocks of high speed traders

July 17, 2013:  Reuters:  Wall Street rises after Bernanke says policy flexible

April 30, 2013:  FoxBusiness:  Flash Crash – Symantec Plummets 11% in Seconds

April 23, 2013: Reuters:  False White House tweet exposes instant trading dangers

April 10, 2013:  FoxBusiness: Trading Halts Help Speedy Markets

April 9, 2013: Reuters:  Sale at Penney’s! After-Hours Action Shows Risk of Knee-Jerk Trading

April 8, 2013:  TabbFORUM: Applauding Dark Pool Regulation

Mar 20, 2013: CNNMoney:  Mini Flash Crashes:  A Dozen a Day

March 2013 Edition:  TASC: Are Changes Doing Us Good?

Mar 6, 2013:  FOXBusiness: Taxes a Cure-All for High Frequency Trading

Dec 20, 2012: WSJ: For Small Investors, NYSE Deal Could be Small Change

Dec 13, 2012: Reuters: Nasdaq Cancels Pre-market Trades

Dec 12, 2012: Zerohedge: A Five Minute Example of HFT Shenanigans

Dec 2012 Edition: TASC: Profit Targets and Stop Losses

Oct 3, 2012: CNBC: What Happened in Kraft Today?

Sep 28, 2012: Reuters: Market Technology Risks in Spotlight at SEC meeting

Sep 10, 2012: CNNMoney: Treasury Flash Crash Could Become Reality

Aug 2, 2012: Forbes: Does the Stock Market Need Real-time Rehab?

Aug 1, 2012: Zero Hedge: Broken Market Chronicles: Algos Gone Wild.

July 29, 2012: Reuters: Rolling out Red Carpet for Central Bankers

July 5, 2012: WSJ: Big Board’s New Dark Pool

July 1, 2012: Benzinga: The new HFT landscape: Man vs Machine

July 2012 Edition: TASC magazine: Subpenny Suppression

July 2012 Edition: TASC magazine: Flash Crash Redux?

June 14, 2012 Markets Media: Fragmentation Harming Market Quality

June 6, 2012 Macleans: Buyer Beware: the Facebook debacle

May 18, 2012 Buzzfeed: Facebook IPO Hijacked by Computers

May 1, 2012 Markets Media: Bringing Back Real Liquidity

April 20, 2012  Markets Media: Ax chops into small cap liquidity

April 17, 2012 SEC to Examine Tick Size for Small Caps

Mar 24, 2012 Bats exchange withdraws IPO after stumbles.

Jan 9, 2012 WSJ: Wall Street is squeezed by slowdown in trading.

Nov 1, 2011: CFO Magazine: Follow the Bouncing Stock

Sep 2011: Traders Magazine: New trader test draws near.

Aug 23, 2011 Reuters:  Bank America shares drop as much as 6 percent.

August 5, 2011 Reuters:  Jobs data offer some relief as losses mount.

April 19, 2011 Zerohedge:  Exploring the Hidden Costs of Price Improvement.

Mar 15 ,2011 Reuters:  Nasdaq nears rival bid for NYSE.

Feb 25, 2011 WSJ:  Direct Edge to Stop ‘Flashing’ Orders.

Jan 10, 2011 WatersTechnology:  Predatory Algorithms on the Prowl.

Dec 17, 2010 Reuters:  Special Report:  For Wall Street, Dumb money pays.

Sep 15, 2010  CNBC: New Kings of Wall Street

Sep 3, 2010:  CNBC: Flash Crash Report

July 17, 2010 Traders Magazine:  Traders give proposed Trade-at rule thumbs up.

June 15, 2010 Alphaville:  All eyes on broker-dealer internalization.

June 1, 2010 Senator Kaufman – Statement about concerns of unbalanced roundtable discussion.

May 12, 2010 Business Insider – Check out What Legal Front-Running Looks Like Second-To-Second

May 12, 2010 Wall Street Letter: Equity Concept Release Reactions Turn to Dow Drop Cause

May 7, 2010 – The Morning After the Crash

May 7, 2010 DowJones: High-Frequency Trading Firm Getco: We Kept Trading Thursday

May 7, 2010 Zero Hedge – The Day The Market Almost Died

April 8, 2010 Zero Hedge – How “Sub-Pennying” In Dark Pools Ignores SEC Rule 612, Makes a Mockery of the NBBO.

March 11, 2010 Forbes – 10 Ways Electronic Breaches Could Blindside Global Finance

Feb 9, 2010 Wall Street Journal – Critics Say Subpenny Pricing Could Fragment Stock Trade

Jan 7, 2010 Zero Hedge – HFT Market Making May Lead to a Crash

Comments to our Regulators

June 24, 2010  Bright Trading responds to SEC roundtable, discusses “toxicity” of public order flow due to broker-dealer internalization.

May 6, 2010 Predatory Market Making May Have Led to Crash.

April 26, 2010 Front-running order flow by using undisplayed trading centers.

March 24, 2010 Bright Trading – 51 page report on our concerns with the market

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