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AEP and NEE Flash Crash Analysis

AEP and NEE lose more than 50% of their value in one second today, and then rebound entirely.  This entire move caused by market structural issues.  Here is the tale of the tape:

To understand more about trade-throughs and mini-flash crashes, see this month’s CFA Magazine:  Erroneous Combustion

Sell-off – Premarket Stock Talk

The Fed spooked the market yesterday, and the sell-off has continued this morning.  Financials and cyclicals very weak, although trading off the overnight lows.  HPQ reported a great quarter.  Earnings from RL, and DLTR.  Gold rallying.  Premarket trading analysis:

The March Continues – Premarket Stock Talk

The market continues to march higher this morning.  Gold and silver rebounding as well.  PFE looking to sell its remaining Zoetis shares.  MRK announces an accelerated buyback.  Earnings from TGT, LOW, TOL, NTAP, and AEO.  Premarket trading analysis:

Retail Earnings Day – Premarket Stock Talk

Some major retailers reported today including HD, BBY, DKS, SKS, and TJX.  Carnival cuts guidance, stock sinks.  Senate slams AAPL for tax avoidance.  Premarket trading analysis:

Premarket Stock Talk

Silver breaking down again, but gold trying to hold up.  CPB earnings.  APC flash crash discussion from Friday.  CHK announces new CEO.  Premarket trading analysis:

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