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Sour Apple – Premarket Stock Talk

After trading up to 429.90 after its earnings report last night, Apple has given back all of the gains and is now trading down 13 points.  We’ll analyze the technicals.  We’ll also analyze reports from T, BA, F, PG, LLY, and ABX.  Premarket trading analysis:

Sentiment Trading – Premarket Stock Talk

Stocks continue to trade off of sentiment.  It doesn’t matter that NFLX has a triple digit P/E.  It doesn’t matter that AAPL has a single digit P/E.  What matters is sentiment, and that is what continues to drive stocks as NFLX pops another 40 points.  Earnings from TXN, COH, DD, TRV, UTX.  Premarket trading analysis:

Premarket Stock Talk

CAT getting a bounce despite missing earnings estimates.  HAL bouncing off earnings as well.  NFLX, TXN report tonight.  AAPL tomorrow.  Premarket trading analysis:

Webinar – Technical Analysis Made Easy

Traders tend to make technical analysis very complicated.  The most powerful technical indicators are really quite simple – support, resistance, and trends.  We’ll discuss these important technical indicators and show you how we use them in our daily trading:

For our daily support and resistance levels click here:  Support/Resistance Levels

Big Guns – Premarket Stock Talk

The big guns were reporting earnings last night and this morning.  Earnings analysis of GOOG, MSFT, IBM, CMG, GE, MCD, HON, and SLB.  Premarket trading analysis:

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