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End of the Quarter – Premarket Stock Talk

It’s the end of the quarter.  Will the market close on a new high?  Earnings from BBRY, MOS, WGO, ACN, and RHT.  FB turnaround.  Premarket trading analysis:

Pulling Back – Premarket Stock Talk

The S&P futures are pulling back in early morning trade.  Will the pattern of “buy the dip” hold again this morning?  Some of the top S&P components are set to test major support here this morning.  CLF falling off a cliff again.  Premarket trading analysis:

Quiet Rally – Premarket Stock Talk

After a vicious selloff yesterday, the S&P futures have quietly turned around and we are trading back in the 1550s again.  Can this quiet rally hold up?  Earnings from PLCE.  AAPL finding key support at 460.  Premarket trading analysis:

Cyprus Bailout – Premarket Stock Talk

Market is rallying on the Cyprus bailout news, but can the rally hold?  Icahn sniffing around in DELL.  DG and APOL report earnings.  AAPL continues to show strength.  BBRY downgraded at GS.  Premarket trading analysis:

Rotation – Premarket Stock Talk

We had some serious rotation yesterday, as money moved out of the financials and cyclicals and into the miners.  But GLD and SLV are both weak this morning which could reverse some of that rotation from yesterday.  Earnings from NKE, DRI, TIF, MU.  Nelson Peltz accumulating positions in PEP and MDLZ.  Premarket trading analysis.

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