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Earnings Galore – Premarket Stock Talk

FB, QCOM, LVS, JDSU, MA, UPS, DOW highlight this busy earnings day.  S&P futures keeps finding support in 1491 area.  Premarket trading analysis.

Amazing Amazon – Premarket Stock Talk

AMZN is the honey badger stock.  Honey badgers are the most fearless animal, they do whatever they please.  AMZN does whatever it pleases too.  Bad earnings, it don’t care, it just rallies anyways.  Reminds me of 1999.  Earnings from BA, NOC.  McClendon stepping down at CHK.  Premarket trading analysis.

Wild Earnings – Premarket Stock Talk

It was a wild ride for Ford after they reported earnings, the stock initially spiked up to $14.95, but is now trading down.  Wild swings in PFE and YHOO as well.  LLY, IP, VMW, EMC all reported.  Premarket trading analysis:

Note: We had some audio issues this morning, and we apologize for the poor audio quality.

Closing Imbalances – Premarket Stock Talk

Friday’s closing imbalances flipped at the last second and caught a lot of closing arb bots by surprise.  Many S&P stocks gapped up or down on the closing print.  CAT beats earnings, but very wide guidance for 2013.  Dogs continue to be in favor.  Premarket trading analysis:

Premarket Stock Talk

Earnings from MSFT, T, SBUX, PG, HON, HAL.  Analysts ganging up on Goldman.  Premarket trading analysis:

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