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AT&T Flash Crash

Another day, another flash crash.  This flash crash occurs in one of your biggest DOW components, AT&T.  Full analysis of this flash crash event:

About-Face – Premarket Stock Talk

Facebook rallies 26% this morning, squeezing the hell out of the shorts.  NFLX, EMC, BMY, LLY disappoint.  BA, DOW, T beat.  AAPL and AMZN report tomorrow.  Premarket trading analysis:

Fading Rallies – Premarket Stock Talk

Market participants continue to fade rallies, as yesterday afternoon’s rally is quickly given back.  Earnings disappointment from DD, and MMM are not helping.  COH and YHOO bucking trend.  AAPL continues to remain volatile ahead of earnings and iPad mini event.  Premarket trading analysis:

Honey Badger Market – Premarket Stock Talk

We’re giving a shout out to Sam Mattera at Benzinga this morning.  He was calling this market the “Honey Badger Market”, and he is absolutely right.  The honey badger is the most fearless animal on the planet.  It doesn’t care about anything.  This market is the same.  IBM falls 15 points, the market doesn’t care.  GOOG falls 60 points, the market doesn’t care.  Majority of earnings have been disappointing, the market doesn’t care.  It just continues to hold up.  We’ll analyze this Honey Badger market, and all today’s earnings reports.  Premarket trading analysis:

Always Leave Yourself Outs – Premarket Stock Talk

The famous quote from Rounders “Always Leave Yourself Outs”, which refers to risk management, is the most important part of becoming a successful trader.  I wrote on this concept in CFA Magazine last month.  We discuss this concept in today’s show.  We also take a look at earnings from EBAY, AXP, VZ, TRV, MS, and PM.  Premarket trading analysis:

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