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Markets are Open! – Premarket Stock Talk

The markets are open and the S&P futures are moving higher.  Airlines and insurers are weak, while home improvement centers and generator makers are higher.  Premarket trading analysis:

Hurricane Sandy – Premarket Stock Talk

The S&P futures are holding up well considering the damage from Hurricane Sandy.  We’ll analyze the insurance companies, the airlines, the home improvement centers, the grocers, and even the generator makers.  Hurricane Sandy trading analysis:

Markets Closed

The equity markets are closed today and possibly tomorrow due to Hurricane Sandy.  Due to the market closure there will be no Premarketinfo show this morning.  However, we will broadcast a special show tomorrow morning, discussing which stocks could be impacted the most.

The S&P E-mini futures are trading this morning, but will close at 9:15 ET.  If you are trading the E-mini please be aware of the following support and resistance levels:



Significance Level Reason
1426.00 **
1423.00 **
1420.00 *
1416.75 **** Thursday high
1415.00 * Wednesday high
1412.50 ** Friday high
1410.00 *
1407.50 CLOSE 1408.25-Thursday close
1404.75 **
1401.75 *
1397.50 ** Friday intraday low
1394.25 *** Friday Globex low
1390.25 ** 9/05 low
1387.50 **** 9/04 low

Shrugging it off – Premarket Stock Talk

AAPL and AMZN report disappointing earnings, but rally anyways.  The S&P futures are finding support in the 1394 area.  MRK, EXPE, CMCSA also report.  Premarket trading analysis:

Finding a Bottom – Premarket Stock Talk

The S&P futures are trying to form a bottom in the 1402 area.  Can that level hold?  Earnings from PG, COP, ZNGA, CROX.  BBY warns.  AAPL and AMZN report tonight.  Premarket trading analysis:

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